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Do You Want to Buy a Home?
Just Follow These Five Easy Steps:


Step 1: Determine your price segment


Step 2: Search the MLS for Homes On-Line


Step 3: Contact the COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors


Step 4: Looking at Homes


Step 5: Offer, Acceptance, Escrow, and Closing



bullet Step 1: Determine your price segment:

So much has changed in mortgage lending in the last few years.  Interest rates are now very attractive, but qualifying for a loan is back to traditional guidelines.  

Before you begin to shop for a home, it is critical that you decide how you will finance the purchase.  Please contact COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors for a reputable lender who is suited for your needs.  

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Step 2: Search the MLS for Homes On-Line

Now the fun starts…Campbell Realtors has the most up-to-date on-line home search systems available on the Internet.  We have two On-Line MLS databases for you, both are FREE:

Do-It-Your-Self Search System (Updated by MLS hourly) - if you like to search the MLS on your own, you can start right now.  

If you are looking to buy a New Huntington Beach Home or a resale home, townhouse, or condo in Downtown Huntington Beach, SeaCliff, or Huntington Harbour, we have already created "single click" searches for you.  Go the the Homes by Category section of our website to see the home lists. 

If you want to create your own MLS search for properties anywhere in Orange County, go to the Search MLS section of our website.

Client Gateway Search System -  The client gateway is a part of the Realtor MLS system.  We will create a website for you which has all of your searches organized.  Each search is continuously updated by the Realtor MLS system (no one hour delay).  

If you would like to take advantage of the Client Gateway Search System simply Email Us.

There is no perfect home, but certainly some homes will meet your wants and needs better than others.  Think about what is most important to you, then look for homes which have a good “blend” of location, size, amenities, and condition.   

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Step 3: Contact COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors

Many homes sell before going into the MLS.  COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors may have an upcoming listing, and/or we may know of several “unlisted” homes, which meet your needs. 

A call to COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors (714) 960-6384 will ensure that you do not miss anything.

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Step 4: Looking at Homes

There are two ways to start looking at homes:

1)  Drive-by First, then call COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors to see inside:

If you are still learning about neighborhoods, sometimes it is a good idea to use the “Drive-By First” method.  This way you can avoid wasting time looking inside of homes, which are not in neighborhoods you like. 

2)  See the homes "inside & out" on the first visit:

If you already know the neighborhood, call COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors.  We will show you all the homes on your list inside & out.

Four Points to Remember when Looking at Homes: 

1)  Do not call the Listing (seller’s) Agent when you want to see the interior of a home.  The Listing Agent CANNOT legally give you the same fiduciary care and service which  COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors will give you as your “Buyer’s Agent”.

2)  If you go into an “Open House”, let the Listing Agent know that Campbell Realtors is your Buyer’s Agent.  A reputable Listing (seller’s) Agent will appreciate your honesty.   

Warning: Some Listing Agents may try to convince you that you do not need a Buyer’s Agent.

3)  If you buy a home directly from the Listing Agent, you do not necessarily save money.  Instead, the Listing Agent may earn a larger commission (often a “double” commission).

4)  Some buyers are fortunate enough to find a home that meets their needs in only a few days… for others it takes several weeks.  If you do not find something within a few weeks, keep looking.  Consider how you might be more flexible, and try to remain patient.  Eventually you will find a special home, and when you do it is time to move onto the next important step.

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 Step 5:  Offer, Acceptance, Escrow, and Closing

OK, you found a property you like.  Before you can call the property “your home”, you must make an acceptable offer to the seller and complete a multitude of tasks culminating in the escrow closing.  

During this final step, COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors will be at your side all the way.  We will provide sales comparables (to help you decide on a price), write up all of the documents, and coordinate the inspection, disclosures, loan, and escrow closing. 

The COLDWELL BANKER - Campbell Realtors will make sure you understand the process, and we will work diligently to ensure everything comes together for an on-time closing.

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NOTE:  You can register for Automatic HomeSearch 24-hours a day at our website CampbellRealtors.com.  On our website, go to the “Search MLS” tab and follow the instructions.  Once you are registered, the system will automatically email you property listings every evening.  This is a free service!

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