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Scot Campbell



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Scot Campbell
Realtor / Managing Broker

(714) 960-0700

(714) 336-0394


More Education –

Scot Campbell is substantially more educated than most Realtors.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Real Estate Finance and has completed all the graduate coursework for a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Economics.

More Licensing 

Scot Campbell has a higher level of state licensing than most Realtors.  He passed the State of California Real Estate Salesman exam in 1986, the State of California Real Estate Broker exam in 1990, and the State of California Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser exam in 1992.

More Experience –

Scot Campbell has sold many more homes than most Realtors; in fact, he has personally sold hundreds of homes since first obtaining his license in 1986. 

More Effective –

Scot Campbell is more effective than most Realtors.  Nearly all of his listings sell, and he sells them faster.  Scot is more effective for two reasons:  First he helps his clients prepare their home for the market and price it right, and second he uses a combination traditional and internet marketing techniques to create a level of exposure unequalled by his competitors. 

More Quality –

Scot Campbell offers more quality than most Realtors.  His staff produces the finest quality printed and web marketing in his market place.  Scot employs a professional photographer to make sure his listings look their best, and he has professional graphic and web designers on staff to create highly effective print and web marketing materials. 

The quality continues after escrow is opened.  Campbell Realtors clients can watch the progress of their escrow securely over the Internet, and clients receive a document (CD) disk at the closing (which contains a PDF image of each important document in the transaction).

More Satisfaction –

Scot Campbell has more repeat and referral business than most Realtors.  He sincerely cares about his clients, and every month he is rewarded with repeat business and referrals.

More Value –

Scot Campbell offers more education, licensing, experience, effectiveness, quality, and satisfaction.  Yet, Scot does not charge as much commission as most full service brokers… now that is a great value!

Why do business with anyone else?


Last updated: 07/11/2005