Four Important Points to Remember when Looking at Homes

1)  Do not call the Listing (seller’s) Agent when you want to see the interior of a home.  The Listing (seller’s) Agent CANNOT legally give you the same fiduciary care and service which the Coldwell Banker - Campbell Realtors Team will give you as your “Buyer’s Agent”.

2)  If you go into an “Open House”, let the Listing (seller’s) Agent know that Coldwell Banker - Campbell Realtors is your Buyer’s Agent.  A reputable Listing (seller’s) Agent will appreciate your honesty.   

Warning: Some Listing Agents may try to convince you that you do not need a Buyer’s Agent.  

3)  If you buy a home directly from the Listing Agent, you do not save money.  Instead, the Listing Agent earns a larger commission (often a “double” commission).

4)  Some buyers are fortunate enough to find a home that meets their needs in only a few days… for others it takes several weeks.  If you do not find something within a few weeks, keep looking.  Consider how you might be more flexible, and try to remain patient.  Eventually you will find a special home, and when you do it is time to move onto the next important step.

NOTE:  You can register for Automatic HomeSearch 24-hours a day at our web site  On our web site, go to the “Search MLS” tab and follow the instructions.  Once you are registered, the system will automatically email you property listings every evening.  This is a free service!  If you have any questions call 714-960-6384 or Email Scot.